Airflow - Self-Titled EP

6 tracks of lush, dusty, vintage synth vibes, pressed on 3-color white/orchid/aqua 10" vinyl via Precision Pressing. Limited edition of 100. FFO: Boards of Canada, Com Truise, and Tycho.

  1. Nouveau Riche (3:57)
  2. Avatar (4:03)
  3. Microbiome (3:00)
  4. Menu Diver (4:43)
  5. Frontier (2:45)
  6. Departure (3:34)

Painfully hip music for painfully hip ppl™
Recorded, produced, & released by Pete Bunke, aka peet.

My mission is to produce rose-tinted hit records. Music that sounds just like your bittersweet longing for yesteryear – not how life actually was back then, but the way it makes you feel now. You can’t ever go back again... but you can play back the memories.

Peetface swirl
Collaborators & commiserators


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    The original iamerror lineup reincarnated as your friendly neighborhood synthwave band. Big beats, bold leads, and fuzzy analog effects. FFO: Boards of Canada, Com Truise, and Tycho.


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    My eclectic solo project that has progressed from nintendocore to noise to most recently, all things indie electronica and post-hardcore. FFO: Crystal Castles, TR/ST, and Tobacco.


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