Painfully hip music for painfully hip people.™

Recorded, produced, & released by Pete Bunke.

10+ years of downright decadent music.
A decade under the influence.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Stock-Aiken-Waterman. Max Martin. Butch Vig. Steve Albini. Kurt Ballou. Every VGM composer ever. All of these legendary producers wrote countless classics that all sound gloriously dated now in their hit factories of yore, giving then-new talent their star power as very literal products of their time.

My mission statement is to mass-produce rose-tinted hit records. Music that sounds just like your bittersweet longing for yesteryear – not how life actually was back then, but the way it makes you feel now. You can’t ever go home again, but why would you even want to when you can just buy distilled Memories of Home™ on wax?

HYPE PRETENSION: Memories made with you in mind.™